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Everything you need to help guide your cannabis consumers through the product discovery journey.

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We are Heed

With Heed you can easily market your products to suit your own brand.
Mix and match categories and cards to find what fits best for you.


Use our algorithm, or drag and drop products into your hand-picked categories for the best recommendations.


Our engine is ready to tackle questions asked and walk your consumers through the buying journey from the first step.


Fully automated conversational AI experience for your users. Let us handle the tricky stuff while you sit back.


Be sure that you’re getting through

An automated conversational experience means more time for the things you care about. We manage conversations, recommendations and data.
Regular updates keep Heed ahead of the competition and the leading tool for businesses that want to excel online through form and function.

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Keep your products and consumers in sync.

With Heed, all your retailer data is automatically imported, organized and updated.

Discover the power of  product automation and watch your business excell.

Heed is the ultimate product to create unique and powerful conversational experiences online. Learn how to get started today.

Effortless integration.

With our one-click integration, Heed can be up and running in the matter of seconds. Really, it's that easy.