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Welcome to Heed, a trailblazing product discovery journey, where interactions are an invitation to explore, all powered by GPT-4.

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Reinvent your brand's narrative with Heed's versatile toolset, engineered with GPT-4 for the dynamic cannabis industry.


Unleash the potential of curated, AI-driven product selections that captivate your audience.


Elevate consumer awareness and understanding with the Heed knowledge hub.


Experience seamless, automated interactions and customer support that nurture relationships.


Be sure that you’re getting through

Dive into the future where we manage intricate dialogues, pinpoint recommendations, and handle data effortlessly. Stay ahead of the curve with the continuous innovation that sets Heed apart as the beacon of online enterprise success.

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The Future of Cannabis Retail

With Heed, all your retailer data is automatically imported, organized and updated.

Discover the power of product automation with Heed

Step into the Heed era! Boost product discoveries and amp up basket sizes, all while trimming down dispensary time. A new dawn for business is here, embrace it now! Join the movement that's not only setting new trends but also redefining what's possible in the cannabis industry.

A New Dawn

With our one-click integration, Heed can be up and running in the matter of seconds. Really, it's that easy.